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Breakthrough – Men’s Meals & Mental Health

The Lane Vineyard is helping the Breakthrough Foundation in their goal to raise $400,000 for men’s mental health research and suicide prevention, and we seeking you’re support.

Men aged 18-44 are the most at-risk group for taking their own lives. In fact, men account for 75% of all lives lost to suicide. Men can often be scared to admit that they are not okay for fear of being judged, considered weak, or a burden on their family and friends – even though that is simply untrue.

Our community program “Men’s Meals and Mental Health” was created to bring men together to break down the stigma, discrimination, myths and understanding in a safe and supportive environment.

That’s why Breakthrough is hosting the Biggest Men’s Meals and Mental Health event to allow more men to normalise the mental health conversation, and help fund vital research into suicide prevention.

2 thoughts on “Breakthrough – Men’s Meals & Mental Health

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