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Presenting our new-look Lois

Presenting our new-look Lois

Lois has recently just turned 12 and has been present at many memorable moments and toasted thousands of special occasions over those twelve years. In all that time, Lois’ packaging has been gently tweaked but has remained essentially untouched.

As with many products and brands – but especially with people – their style and appearance naturally evolves over time as they mature and grow.

As Lois most certainly enjoys a persona herself – we wanted to ensure she evolved gracefully into the next decade and the timing is certainly right to do that.

Inside the bottle is the same Adelaide Hills Sparkling that you know and love – refreshing citrus, wild flower and crunchy apple with an ultra-fine bead and crisp acidity.

Now dressed with confident and elegant new packaging on the outside – matching the quality and character of the sparkling inside.

You mark the occasion, Lois will bring the celebration.

Lois Sparkling

Throughout the design process, we worked together with a very talented creative team and those closest and most familiar with her – consulting our Gathering Club members, our distribution partners at Oatley, many of our staff and some astute leaders in the hospitality industry – listening to each unique reflection and observation of Lois was an enlightening and vital process to understand what Lois represents and what she means to different people.

A great collaboration – and we think, a beautiful collective vision realised.

Release date 7th May, 2022

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