Sustainability - The Lane Vineyard


At The Lane Vineyard we take sustainability seriously. We are working at being socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable. The Lane Vineyard winery was designed to meet stringent new planning laws in relation to crush size, wastewater management, building location and spill protection. These measures protect the Mt Lofty water catchment area and minimise the use of precious water pumped from an underground bore or harvested through rainwater tanks.

We have adopted a range of cleaner production practices in the winery to improve the quality of our wastewater. This results in ‘cleaner’ wastewater that is treated on-site in an aerobic system, polished, then returned to the vineyard as irrigation water.

We selected this method because there is no interaction with groundwater or surface flows. The wastewater tanks are situated within a bunded dam as a spill retention strategy to further minimise any risk to the environment. 

We are actively reducing energy emissions through a state-of-the art cooling system and energy-efficient lighting throughout the winery, dining and tasting room. In 2018 we installed 300 solar panels which supply 30-40% of our estate’s energy consumption. We bottle and package wine using recyclable materials and are constantly looking for ways to reduce supply chain waste.

In the vineyard, we are taking steps to eliminate herbicide and pesticide use. Our aim is to promote abundant organic organisms within the soil profile and natural control of pests within the vine canopy. We have a steady supply of organic manures from local Adelaide Hills farms which are spread across the vineyards to promote soil and vine health. We also introduce our estate sheep into the vineyards every winter to suppress weeds and boost our organic fertiliser application. 

We understand and are humbled by our responsibility to invest in and protect the wonderful natural resources of The Lane Vineyard as these resources are inextricably linked to the quality and character of our wines.