Our Winery - The Lane Vineyard

Our Winery

Each of The Lane’s wines are carefully crafted to capture the cool-climate terroir of the Adelaide Hills in a bottle.

Quality and character are central to The Lane’s philosophy, driving all the decisions from vineyard sites, fruit and oak selection, grading and blending, through to the final experience of pairing with great food.

As a boutique, premium cellar, The Lane is ideally suited to small-batch, hand-picked processing. The majority of our fruit is sourced from our own vineyards, but we also work with long-term, loyal growers across the Adelaide Hills.

At vintage, fruit is hand-picked or gently machine harvested in the cool morning hours, then delivered directly to the winery. Here, the winemaking team crush, press and ferment the fruit which is then matured in our cool underground cellars. The resulting wines form The Lane’s four signature ranges – Lane, Provenance, Estate and Heritage – each a reflection of their unique vineyards of origin.

At The Lane, we take sustainability seriously. We are working to be socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable. Our 500-tonne, purpose-built winery was designed to meet stringent new planning laws in relation to crush size, wastewater management, building location and spill protection – measures designed to protect the Mount Lofty water catchment area and reduce our water consumption.