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Our Vineyards


The Lane’s vineyards are a patchwork of micro-climates set across rolling hills and valleys. Cooling air from the Southern Ocean, plus high altitude gully breezes create the cool climate the Adelaide Hills is renowned for. Winters are cold and wet with abundant rainfall while summers are warm to mild. A significant diurnal temperature shift and longer sunlight hours in the growing season contribute to intense fruit flavours while maintaining beautiful natural acidity and freshness in the fruit.

Our 40 hectares of vineyards sit on ancient, gravelly soils estimated at 70 million years old, with limestone and calcium silicates and dotted with ferrous pebbles throughout. North-facing single vineyard sites maximise autumn sunlight for later ripening red varietals, while south-facing sites are favourable to aromatic whites and sparkling wines. Shaped by the altitude and southerly latitudes, the cool climate and ancient soils; this is the ideal terroir for growing grapes and crafting wines with impressive structure, minerality and natural acidity which will age with grace and composure.

In the vineyard we are taking steps to improve our sustainability and environmental credentials. We are reducing our herbicide and pesticide use, with the aim to promote abundant organic organisms within the soil profile and naturally control pests within the vine canopy. Along with a steady supply of organic manures from local Adelaide Hills farms, we also introduce sheep to the vineyards every winter to boost natural fertilisation and weed suppression.

We understand and are humbled by our responsibility to invest in and look after the abundant natural resources here at The Lane, resources that are inextricably linked to the quality and character of our wines.