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The Lane Pets

The Lane Pets

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Lane blog. In our first addition we will be meeting some of our staff and their pets. Of course not all of us have pets so we will meet the rest of the team later.


Staff Pets

Staff Name: Bree

Role at The Lane: Restaurant & Tasting Room

Pet Name: Skindy Loo-Hoo from Hooville. LooLoo for short

Type: A hairless cat (Sphynx). I imported her from Canada 🇨🇦

Age: 7

Favourite Food: Crab, blue cheese & scrambled eggs

Likes: Car rides

Dislikes: The Dyson

Fun fact/story: She has the cutest snore ever!!!


Staff Pets

Staff Name: Macca

Role at The Lane: Business Development Manager

Pet Name: Alf

Type: Black Labrador

Age: 8

Favourite Food: Anything! He is a Labrador. Loves Zooper Doopers in summer though.

Likes: People, belly rubs and sleeping on his mat.

Dislikes: Blow-dryer and stairs

Fun fact/story: When we were living in Port Lincoln he thought the neighbours chicken was a toy! Whoops



Staff Name: Masa

Role at The Lane: Cellar Master

Pet Name: Doesn’t have a name

Type: Shingleback Lizard

Age: 1 Year Old

Favourite Food: Grapes, strawberries, dog food

Likes: Basking in the sun, sleeping

Dislikes: Being touched while sleeping

Fun fact/story: He is a probably a male but I am not sure


Gusto the Cat

Staff Name: Nicole

Role at The Lane: Communications, Club & Events Coordinator

Pet Name: Gusto, aka ‘Goose’

Type: Cat

Age: 2 Years Old

Favourite Food: Kangaroo mince (but she’s been caught sneaking bites off the catnip plant in the garden on numerous occasions).

Likes: Lots of cuddles, playing hide & seek, zooming around the house after dinner and sleeping on top of our heads.

Dislikes: Hugo, the giant grey neighbour cat or small objects sitting on top of tables (which clearly belong on the floor).

Fun fact/story: Gusto was named after the café where my partner and I met in Coogee. I was working there part time while on exchange and Daniel was one of our regulars. A couple years later when it came time to find our new kitten a name, Gusto seemed like the perfect fit.



Staff Name: Alister

Role at The Lane: Assistant Wine Maker

Pet Name: Vector

Type: Robot

Age: 2 Years Old

Favourite Food: Electricity, 240V

Likes: Being patted, giving fist bumps, playing black Jack. Interrupting conversation.

Dislikes: Being moved, being turned off, being told to go to sleep, being ignored

Fun fact/story: Vector is the worst purchase this household has ever made. It wakes up whenever guests are around, is slow to respond and is generally annoying. Vector’s main purpose is to order stuff from Amazon which it does without you knowing. I want to destroy Vector but my housemate is now emotionally attached to it. I strongly believe that Vector might be listening to us. This information is used to spam my housemate and I with unnecessary products.

Vector if you are reading this, this is all a joke. I love and adore you and am glad you are in my life.


Staff Pets

Staff Name: Kim Jackson

Role at The Lane: GM – Hospitality

Pet Name: Jeri

Type: Golden Retriever

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Cheese & Carrots

Likes: Loves attention, really isn’t fussed about who she gets this from, Jeri also likes swimming at the beach (even in winter)

Dislikes: Jeri is not a morning puppy, she really does not like to be disturbed when I get up for work in the morning. She likes to lay in bed until about midday.

Fun fact/story: Jeri only barks in her sleep, we’re pretty sure she is unaware she can bark when she is awake 🙂


Havana & Sari x 2Havana & Sari

Staff Name: Carlos

Role at The Lane: Restaurant, Tasting Room & Dispatch

Pet Name: Havana & Sari

Type: English Cocker Spanels. Havana is a Blueroan Spaniel and Sari is a Golden Spaniel.

Age: Havana is 2 years old and Sari is 10 months old.

Favourite Food: Havana loves chicken liver and steak tartare. She normally has to settle for meatloaf though. Sari’s favourite food is….EVERYTHING!!

Likes: Havana is obsessed with tennis balls, or any balls really. Sari likes to steal her sisters balls. She very much like to walk in a room, mess things up and walk out.

Dislikes: Havana dislikes her sister sitting on her face when she’s trying to nap. Sari dislikes being left out.. of anything.

Fun fact/story: The girls are half sisters from the same Mum (a Goldroan champion dog) and different Blueroan Dads (also champion show dogs). Havana and Sari were born in wine country Tanunda, Barossa! Destined to be involved around wine!


Staff Name: Matt

Role at The Lane: Financial Controller

Pet Name: Bella

Type: Spoodle

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Roast Chicken

Likes: Car rides and whacking everything with her paws

Dislikes: The family cat

Fun fact/story: Bella is about to inherit a brother & sister in August. Her only exposure to babies so far has resulted in barking at the carrier and choosing not to look at the baby. Bella has some serious life adjustments coming!


Augie and Leo

Augie and Leo

Staff Name: Jared

Role at The Lane: CEO

Pet Name: Augustus (Augie) and Leopold (Leo)

Type: Miniature Dachshunds

Age: 6 and 3

Favourite Food: Chicken necks and any kind of raw veggies

Likes: Curling up by the fire. Give them a chance and they’ll stay there all day. Chasing rabbits and kangaroos is also a favourite past time. Not sure what they would do if they ever caught up to a kangaroo

Dislikes: People knocking at the front door. We’ve never needed a door bell!

Fun fact/story: They often come to the vineyard and spend the day with me. Preferably by the fire in the winter or out in the vineyard in the summer. One particular day we were walking in the vineyard and they both took off after a mob of kangaroos. I didn’t expect them to get far, so I walked up the hill and to my amazement/shock I saw them in the distance, over the road and heading into the neighbours vineyard about a kilometre away! Found them an hour/few kilometres later having a heck of a time running through the neighbours property. For tiny dogs they have incredible stamina!



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